Homemade meat-a-balls! Or Gnoochi & Meatballs



Altho my reason, this time bcuz I can always find a good reason to make this! Is the opposite of other blogger. Here its beginning of summer & 115º is too hot to cook a lot…indoors.

So y’all know I’ve made this often…for 40 years now. We all also know its easy enough to write up a blog saying same thing, in so many words and giving same or similar info/recipes “adapted from”….& so on. Right? Aaah heck, this blogger said it just like I would (not to mention I just moved aka surrounded by boxes). So I’m taking advantage once again of the “reblog” option 😀
All for the freezer. For times like a busy day or when its 115º out! Last night I made it with gnoochi also ♥

(Sure I put ricotta in mine but no biggy when they still taste great! That’s all we want…right?) ♡


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