recipe: Doritos taco salad


It’s a plan!
Thanks Chef 😉

the renegade cook

I still remember the first time I had this salad. We had a potluck lunch at work one day and everyone was to bring their “signature” dish. Some woman whom I had hardly ever spoken to, let alone seen, brought it in, claiming it was what she brought to every single barbeque and potluck. Hers was a slight variant of the recipe I’m going to leave you with today; instead of Doritos she used Fritos hoops, and her version was vegetarian. I wanted to make a meal out of it so I added ground beef. Suffice to say Trav and I were both delighted and stuffed last night! The chips keep you coming back for more, while the sweetness of the dressing offsets the heat of the peppers; I like to add cilantro to rich-tasting things like this just to freshen it up a bit. This salad’s got it all…

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