Oats & Chia Seeds Crackers..For healthy munching.

Another recipe I want to make, save and share!
Looks and sounds delicious to me! Especially after she went and mentioned papri chaat! #SOLD!

Love Served Daily


Hello everyone. Its that time of the month where I do my monthly column for the B’khush Magazine. It is an online magazine, catering to the South Asian population around the world. They write about varied topics ranging from fitness, beauty, parenting, DIY projects, recipes etc. Do check out their website – B’Khush – Upload Thoughts, Download Happiness.

My column in the magazine is called “Healthy Bites“. Through this column, I like to share such recipes that provide the nutrition, taste great and most of all you can enjoy them guilt free. Follow me here to make some easy and healthy dishes that you wouldn’t feel guilty about when you take that second serving.


For today’s post I am making some healthy Oats & Chia seeds Crackers. I was desperately looking to make a healthy and crunchy snack that I can enjoy with my tea or coffee without the guilt…

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