Kielbasa, Sweet Potatoes and Rainbow Carrots

Another sheet pan dinner 😉

Kielbasa, Sweet Potatoes and Organic Rainbow Carrots 🥕🍠🐖

Too easy for a recipe, but I cut sweet potatoes in big coins (?) about an inch or less thick. Left just a tiny bit of green top on carrots, cut kielbasa in desired sized pieces. I tossed vegetables in olive oil, salt & pepper, placed on (loved) sheet pan, drizzled a little bit of honey on veggies, added kielbasa. Oven on 450° for about 30 minutes or until fork goes easily into veggies. I did end up after 20 minutes changing the kielbasa to a separate little baking dish because I got worried it might get over done by time veggies got done. It did turn out to not be necessary…so that’s optional.

It turned out REALLY good 😁


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