First let me be clear about this blog; I’m not what is commonly known as a food blogger; this is simply my way of storing and sharing with my family ♡
Also, as it should be with anyone who wants to continue to grow, I have been thru changes during the time of keeping this blog; growth in different areas of my life; from cooking to postings, from the inside and out … 😍😁💞☮
Hence Alton Brown’s “Reload”😉


~ Just to be perfectly clear ~
eternal optimist
It is what it is. (or) What is, is. 😉
A big chapter of my life was taken over by the face below

Crazy me and my 2016 haircut below …

Just keeping it fresh … & throwing caution to the wind; that’s who I am. 👣💅💞💦😊

Puerto Peñasco 💕

that’s me ♡ still like to have FUN

Me & My 3 Kids ♡

A couple Song Favorites: 💕♫ ~ SADE, P!NK ….Too numerous to list!
“SOAK UP THE SUN” by Sheryl Crow IS MY LIFE ♥
Nelly Furtado – GOOD & an authentically natural BEAUTY!
Dixie Chicks/Natalie Manes
& the likes of Billie Holiday, Louie Armstrong, Diana Krall, Norah Jones, etc.. are a given

and same with my mini-me. Lily

The simple life. Fishing, family, friends, FOOD & did I mention #FISHING ? ;D

… my purpose ♥ below…

btw, I’ve been cooking a LONG time

and then with granddaughter….


& “I’m Like a bird”

yeah…grandma has a tatt ♥.

When I turned and saw only one set of footprints


  1. Hiya Dawn, not sure if you saw my latest post about a blogging award I’ve just received. I’ve nominated you for this award and I hope you’ll participate. I love the awards as it’s a great way to get to know a little bit more about our fellow bloggers. Caz x

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  2. Thanks for following OMBH… I hope you find a smile or three when you visit!
    Do please have a look at the right widget bar, the links to The Lucky Thirteen, Fixed and The Old Man and the Fish are near the top… short stories worth reading!

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  3. Just wanted to stop by and say “Thank you” for checking out my blog and the interesting stories you told of friends from days-gone-by. I commend you for being your friend’s protector. I don’t understand people who hurt kids or animals. Just heartbreaking…

    Sstorm is a nickname I have had for many years because my husband is in a motorcycle club (now retired) and his club name is Sshock. No idea why the “Ss”. I did try to get one S for my blog, but it was unavailable. Since my real name is Katrina, other people started calling me Storm because of the hurricane.

    I love to cook, as well, and make a mean Eggplant Parmesan. My first husband’s mother was from Italy and she taught me how to cook, so I lean toward Italian cuisine. Looking forward to reading your blog posts. I am sure I can get some great recipes from you. ~Katrina


    • we have more in common than not. Married to an Italian for 27 years. He past away, cancer. His mother became mine. Thank you also. BTW, spitfire was stamped on me early too…my dad, since I was 5. 😀


  4. Hi Dawn! Thanks for coming by to check out my blog. I’m in Europe at the moment…eating lots of delicious food but I do admit to missing my kitchen as well.
    I hope you like what you are reading and I hope to begin posting again soon.


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