I know….more citrus? ! Right? Well all bcuz I reached up and picked a grapefruit today, I found another good blogger. In my search for recipe ideas with grapefruit, this blog caught my attention. An intriguing one that I will try (easy scores points with me!) & the agreement over images being inspiring! ♡

And just bcuz I like photos 😀







Added oranges….


OH….& my grapefruit spoon. Its old, obviously. I’ve used it all my life.

Guess I should look for a new one?
BTW, my mother always used a grapefruit knife also. It was round on end instead of pointed. Havent seen that in 50 years.


Dietitian Drive

So my new social media obsession lately has been PinterestPinterest is a virtual pinboard that lets you organize and share things you find on the web. It has been my new inspiration for cooking because it is so visual. I love that with a simple click I can add a recipe to my virtual recipe box! This has become my new recommendation for my clients who are looking for new ways to spice things up in the the kitchen.

The other morning as I surfed the Food & Drink pinboard, a flash of pink and yellow deliciousness caught my eye, Broiled Grapefruit! I love grapefruits because they are so tart and tangy but have this underlying sweetness. On their own they are a treat, but the thought of broiling them intrigued me. I made them last night and O’boy were they amazing! While eating them it felt like I was having a gourmet dessert. Hard to believe that deliciousness came from 4 simple ingredients and took less than 10 minutes…

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