#Ricotta #Pancakes
For dinner 😀


Recipe (just leave out lemon zest…or not ; D)

Repeat…breakfast is always good at any time, including dinner…to me & my family ♥






Nothing fancy…no special touches to make more appealing to the eye. Like color…berries.
Its bcuz I was tired and also…it appeals to my eye as is, lol! I like the golden color of pancake, LOVE butter & LOVE Vermont maple syrup. #confession – Vermont is the only kind I know.
Other thn like when I was a kid & me & girlfriend/neighbor picked wild blueberries by Lake Huron & her mother made homemade blueberry syrup for the blueberry pancakes. Good memories. We’d walk the beach & collect driftwood.
Her name is Debbie (Debra?) Welker. Haven’t seen her in over 40 years. Haven’t found her thru fb either. Thats why I threw out here. Never know 😀

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