Smothered Chicken and Rice

image Ingredients: chicken thighs (any parts you like) Enough oil for shallow frying minced garlic 1 can(s) cream of mushroom soup 2 c fresh sliced mushrooms 1 1/2 c milk 3 c instant white or brown rice (prepared) sea salt fresh ground pepper garlic powder Make rice I just used a dry method on chicken.  Put flour and seasonings in paper bag. Shake chicken in bag of flour mix, carefully laying each in hot pan of oil. Fry chicken till crispy & no longer pink on the inside. Time varies depending on chicken size. These thighs were thigh so it seemed like about 10 minutes per side. Remove chicken to plate, drain all but approx 2 tbs of oil. Add couple tbs of flour,  seasonings & whisk to make a rue, cooking flour taste out. Add milk? whisking until desired thickness.  SEASON.  Place chicken back in gravy and serve over rice. IF you don’t want to make a rue and gravy…use a can of cream of mushroom soup. I added mushrooms this time.  Just bcuz they were looking at me 😀 I also add a dash (?) of chicken bouillon to rice water AND gravy. . image .what I used..this time. .. image . image .or… image it’s in the bag image . image . image . image I do make a mess when I fry or make spaghetti sauce


image . image . image . image . image . image I leave some out for option of regular fried chicken with gravy & rice. image . image . image Steaming…. image . image AND I MAKE THE SAME THING USING PORK CHOPS & MASHED POTATOES. ♥