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Last year I posted a “lemon obsession”, when I should have broadened it to include all #citrus .
OH! Here’s a link to a site full of #citrus ! #sauces #syrups & many “must haves”, deliciousness! With #lemon #orange & #YUMMO !
It has recipes for sauces or glaze that I LOVE drizzling over pound cake. pancake, etc.. ( except that I dont measure as you know. So I think this is a GREAT one to post!

& mine 😀


The uses are endless!
From recipes, marinades, skin,center pieces 😀 air deodorizers, odor elimination ….even household jobs like cleaning & the SCENT ♡
Well, it’s that time of year again! So along with preserved lemons, I will be digging thru recipes!
I have to…I have trees full.
And along with great taste. health benefits & awesome scents, I think they’re beautiful.


took my coffee & my basket out back...
There’s much more than what’s in the following article but I liked it bcuz its by another east-valley-citrus-orchard-area resident 😀

This article appeared in the East Valley Tribune.
If you live in the East Valley (Mesa, Gilbert, etc.) you know that the area used to be all orange groves. As population growth took over, homes were built in the old groves and many of us have lots of citrus trees in our yards.
By Judy A. Toth, contributing columnist East Valley Tribune

Living in the East Valley, you already know that when citrus season comes around, you can’t even give oranges away. With that in mind, I started looking at things to do with citrus. When one of my students requested that I do a citrus class, that also caused me to look again at our wonderful harvest.Of course, we can make things like lemon curd and orange marmalade, but after you give away bottles and bottles of it, your friends stop answering their doors when you knock. Orange chicken is great, too, but how many times can you eat it before you say “uncle”? I love caramelized grapefruit for breakfast — but not 300 days in a row. So now you can see the dilemma we all face.A grapefruit pound cake I came up with is a real treat, but the most unique recipe I developed for the class was mixed citrus salsa. Simply use whatever citrus you happen to have. I used grapefruit, tangelo and lime in my version. Peel the fruit, remove the pith and cut the citrus into 1-inch pieces. Added diced red onion and red pepper, chopped cilantro and some jalapeño. Add salt and pepper and, of course, some of that wonderful lime zest.This salsa is a great topping for chicken or fish, and I think it would be great on pork. It’s pretty tasty on chips, too. Leftovers can be thrown into cooked rice. It doesn’t keep well, so make just what you will use.








The awesomeness continues on at the links provided at bottom of the above sites!
Really good ideas!
I find more every year.


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