#Toxic people; will drain you.
They suck the life out of others. Or at the least….they try to steal your joy.
There’s a reason for well known sayings/quotes, etc., that continue since long before my time. One being “misery loves company”.

BITTERNESS: Weeding Out the Poisonous Root
  ~  by Jim Henry
Bitterness is that hateful, spiteful sourness in the heart that creeps in when you have been, or think you have been, maliciously wronged.
I looked up the word in a dictionary, and it was defined as a sharpness affecting the taste, the feelings, or the mind. It comes from an old English word that meant “sharpness to the taste.”If you’ve ever had a difficult experience with someone who made you mad, and you resented it, held on to it–you know how bad it tasted spiritually, and in your mind it raised hateful feelings and thoughts. That is bitterness, and God’s Word has something to say about it.

How does bitterness show itself?
— In at least three ways.
One kind of bitterness is directed against God. You can become bitter against God in the loss of a loved one, when a friend swindles you out of money, when the boss passes you over for a promotion you really deserved and gives it to someone else, or when your husband walks off and leaves you for another woman.You are angry, and you say, “Lord, if You love me so much, why did this happen? If You answer prayer, why didn’t You answer mine? Either You are not powerful enough, or You didn’t care enough. Either way, I am angry with You!”
A second kind of bitterness is against other people. It can be there in a child who decides to rebel against his parents, to run away from home because he believes they are unfair to him. It can be there in a wife who says, “I’ll have a nervous breakdown if my husband keeps treating me like this, and I’ll get even with him.”It might be a person who says, “OK, if I forgive them for what they did to me, that wouldn’t be fair. They don’t deserve to be forgiven. I’m going to carry this a little longer and maybe somehow along the way they’ll see what it has done to me, and something will happen to them.”You and I cannot afford the luxury of holding on to bitterness and resentment against others, because it only becomes the root of other problems.
Your bitterness can also be directed against yourself, and show itself in an inability to forgive yourself, even though God has forgiven you. You carry that load until you say, “I deserved it, but I’m strong enough to take it, and I’ll just carry this thing and deal with it myself.”
Self-centered pride latches onto your heart and you refuse the forgiveness of God and others.This can also cause you to live in self-pity. You say, “OK, I deserve this. God’s trying to punish me. I shouldn’t have done this or that, and now I deserve what I’m getting, and I’m just going to have to be a martyr and carry it.” So you trudge along in life nursing bitter resentment and a grudge against God or someone else. You carry it until you make life miserable for yourself and everyone around you. Why? Because you never dealt with the bitterness. The Bible says, “Watch out for such bitterness!” (“Look diligently”–Heb.12:1

→ if it’s with family……

~ Many times the only things we share are genes, nothing more. I’m not being cynical or hateful, but observing a truth that many people seem to share.
… Release the toxic relatives in your life, otherwise they will sink you along with them. The key is no matter how vicious they are to you, do not direct hate towards them. Now that doesn’t mean that they have the right to infringe on your life or continue to spew negativity, it just means that a person should just step back, be able to look at the truth for what it is, and take care of themselves.
Many times people are so angry because they either hate themselves or cannot deal with deep, emotional issues.
~ Stay away = #Peace ♥
Take a deep breath and turn it over to God 😀

Try as hard as you can, make a conscious effort, to turn it over and bless the situation. Don’t allow toxic people to destroy the precious days you have on this earth. Wish them well and send peace in their direction, but guard your life strongly.
You deserve to live it with love and happiness.
~ I read this line somewhere ….
“house burnt down, now I can see the moon.” I am thankful for all my blessings, my awesome children & grandchildren, health, comforts of a roof, food & soft place to lay my head.
There is a lot for all of us to be grateful for.
Life can be good indeed..


I found this in a thread & thought it might be helpful for some #hopefully ~ (I also thought of my Lily)

by tilljusticeisdone :
I would encourage you all, wonderful people who wonder why their mothers don’t love them, especially if those mothers had a wonderful life and were cherished by their husbands, to research the term “malignant narcissist.” After you become acquainted with this pathology, you will be able to understand your mothers better…as well as run for your lives! Good luck to you all. It took me almost 50 years, a life-threatening aneurysm and the death of my father to realize that my biological “mommy dearest “could not care less if I were dead or alive. And though she and my brother -another malignant narcissist- care only about their material (and numerous) posessions and are currently trying to rob me of my father’s inheritance -and will most likely succeed- I have the most wonderful and loving husband and a childhood friend whose mother has volunteered to adopt me. Throughout my life, I have also found that helping people in need has allowed me not only to connect with others but with myself.

& #BPD
(jealousy & bitterness is NOT pretty. It’s quite ugly)

Luckily, my Lily is SMART. She has used two words that added to my remembering “out of the mouths of babes”. At 6 it was “selfish”. Yes…just one word, no sentence. And again, at 9… “crazy”. With NO1 in our family/home ever using that word.
Smart, happy & loving


→ a good thread … a good read! REALLY–nasty–hateful-mother


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