Mexican kitchen tools and gadgets at the La Cruz street market

I’m a short drive from border/Nogales. y I’ve got a little collection already started. But my next mission is to get the earthenware.
♥ top of my list

The tortilla warming baskets are readily available in the neighborhood. That’s simply my #memoryfail

y I have to admit, yo tambien… want the little handmade mandolins; cute y handy OH y biodegradable!

I guess we all could use a multilingual spellchecker 😀

Cooking in Mexico

A Mexican street market is always fun, especially for someone who likes kitchen tools and gadgets. Mexican cooking does not require a lot of utensils, but whatever you need, you will find at the weekly market. Pick out a basic pot, wooden spoon, bean masher, lime squeezer, and you will be equipped to set up a food stand on the street or cook classic Mexican recipes at home.

Our part of Mexico has been having its share of rain lately. Bridges are washed out, roads are blocked by mudslides, motorists are stranded on the highways. I didn’t know if La Cruz de Huanacaxtle would have much of a market at all this Wednesday, but all the regulars turned out, except for the vegetable guys who took one look at the skies, and packed up and left. Between rains, I dashed to the market for photos and for a little education…

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