Gyro Kebabs!

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DSC_6270 [1600x1200]I cut some lamb for a stew from a leg joint a while back but didn’t use all the meat.  I ground up the leftover and froze it.  Today a search for ground lamb recipes brought me to this recipe.  I had everything and decided to give it a try.  The kebabs formed easily and stayed together much better than I anticipated.DSC_6268 [1600x1200]I laid them gently onto the hot grill, closed the lid for a few minutes, and turned them as needed with tongs.  For a change, I followed the kebab portion of the recipe to the letter.  The tzatziki sauce that Alton Brown makes is so good I went with his recipe.DSC_6271 [1600x1200]There wasn’t anything in the recipe about tomatoes or pitas but Mrs J determined that they were required.  Good call Mrs J!

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