Lot’s of good recipes at King Arthur’s Flour site 😉


Make truly delicious, impressive-lookingbreakfast sandwiches by first making these oversized English Muffins. And bookmark the recipe for Father’s Day—surely there’s a dad you know who’d appreciate a blockbuster breakfast sandwich like this one.


So let’s get to it. Use the rings to cut muffin-sized circles from slices of ham and provolone cheese (or the cheese of your choice). You certainly can skip this step, and just cut the ham and cheese in squares; but circles are nice looking.



Split muffins, and layer with ham (or cooked sausage, or fried bacon), cheese, and scrambled eggs. Place them on a parchment-lined baking sheet; the parchment will catch any melting cheese, making you thankful at cleanup time. And by the way, if you don’t use parchment to line ALL your baking sheets—why not? Did you know parchment is one of the top 10 items our customers purchase from us?At this point, you can cover the whole shebang with plastic wrap and refrigerate till just before serving; so this is a good make-ahead brunch or breakfast treat. Can you freeze these? No. The egg and cheese will get icky. But they can live in your fridge for several days, ready to heat and serve.

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