If you want your life to be different you have to start reacting to life differently

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Inspiration for Living Your Best Life

We aren’t always dealt the best hand in life and some things are out of our control, but not everything, and there are easy ways to turn around some of your common recurring problems and challenges.
We have all heard terms like “you reap what you sow” and “the law of attraction,”
both of which suggest personal responsibility can help us.
You may not even realize it, but who you are, how you act and present yourself to others and your deep inner-truths are calling fortune or misfortune into your life right now. You cannot hide from yourself. Your unresolved issues will continue to call-in experiences to teach you what you need to learn.
If your life is a disaster it is absolutely because you are a disaster. There is no way around it. Your problems are not because bad things happened to you; bad things happen to everyone. Your persistent problems are because of your response to common misfortune.
If you want your life to be different you have to start reacting to life differently.
The question you must ask yourself, is what is it about you, that causes you to choose situations and people who expose you to risk, sadness and hurt? Why do you do it to yourself? You choose these things because that’s who you are. Like attracts like.
Dysfunction relates to dysfunction.
You know, “birds of a feather” — you’ve heard it all before. But really, it is about your deepest core identity, your self-esteem, your soul-signature, and your level of spiritual and intellectual development.
If you want more then be more.
If you want better then be better.
In simple external terms, this is how it works. →
When you carry a frown you will see more frowns; when you carry a smile you will see more smiles. When you are hardworking and educated you attract hardworking educated friends and you repel ignorant deadbeats. When you love yourself you attract those who love themselves and you repel co-dependence because of your healthy boundaries. When you are a wholesome person, more wholesome people will appear in your life. Who you are is shaping your so-called reality.
When you change — the world changes with you.
This is what “be the change” means. This is what the “law of attraction” is all about.
This is the basis of personal responsibility. You will always receive what you are equal to and what your perceptions, judgments and positions insist.The real ladder of opportunity is ascending levels of consciousness. As your consciousness, refinement and pureness of heart expand you will become less judgmental, less corrective, less reactive, less black-and-white, less critical, less apt to blame and less tormented by others and their faults and views.
As the aperture of your heart opens to love you will receive more of the light of compassion, acceptance, gentleness, grace and understanding. The more evolved you are the less you will agree or disagree with others, and the more you will gently sift through the fullness of what people are offering and gratefully take only what you need.
The more spiritually aware you become the more you will focus on your own development and less on the imperfections of others.
As an evolved being you will begin to see pettiness, quarreling and correcting others as non-constructive and crude. As you evolve you will learn that the only person you need to correct is yourself.
We teach best by how we live life;
who we are instructs with absolute clarity.

Your life is not supposed to be filled with unnecessary drama and pain, and if it is, then something is not right. While bad things do happen to good people, many common problems are frequently created by our own behaviours and thinking. You may not have started every problem but you sure as hell have been keeping them going.
Your burdens are perfectly measured and gifted to you according to your resistance. As long as you keep resisting expect the pummeling to continue.
Life is trying to get something through your thick head.
Much of the torment of our lives is our own creation.
Your every ill-thought, secreted hate, cynical and vicious judgment you carry is meant only for you.
If you are prone to drama, you put your ugliness on others
because you secretly want to see it and feel the pain it reflects back, so you can grow.
You are the source of your pain and you are the source of your healing.
Even when someone hurts you, you choose how to struggle, resist, deny and receive. Maybe you receive pain selfishly — thinking only of yourself. The cycle of pain wounds every participant; both victim and aggressor. Most of your problems exist because your heart is hard and you are being arrogant.
It doesn’t have to be so hard!
You can change it.
When you put yourself together more your life will come together in positive ways.
But, no one can make it better for you; it’s up to you.
Take a beating of misfortune for the rest of your life or expand in love and live with grace and ease.
The life you want doesn’t want you — until you are worthy. Only you can decide your worthiness. The nightmare can end the moment you humble yourself begin practicing being virtuous and taking proper care of yourself.


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Inspiration for Living Your Best Life

I am going to start sharing awesome posts by Bryant McGill.
It’s the best … yes, the best worded common sense posts I’ve ever read. Inspirational too; or great reminders!
I couldn’t say it any better.
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About Bryant McGill →
Bryant H. McGill

“I live in Southern California with my life partner Jenni, and I have three amazing daughters. I am a simple person, who as a boy, ran around barefoot on a dirt-road in Alabama — dreaming of being a writer. I am probably best known as a writer of pithy sayings and small, simple aphorisms which have found their way into tens-of-thousands of publications, including by some of the biggest publishers in the world. I love to inspire people and show them their inner-beauty. I see the world spiritually. My mission is to cause people to consider kinder ways in which we could do business, structure our relationships and treat the world.” Bio

Inspiration for Living Your Best Life


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