Green Falafel (Chickpeas and Herbs Fritters)


Excited, this recipe sounds & looks delicious ♡

I tried this food at a place in Phoenix Arizona ( Al-Hana
Middle Eastern) & love it!
SO…I really want to get this down at home. For obvious reasons; homemade is always a good thing AND I can have it when I want 😉
Besides, to me…cooking is therapy, if not a spiritual connection. I can be very present and in the zone when cooking.


& these pics are simply added bcuz I think food can be pretty 😀


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Green Falafel Ronit penso

These little chickpea fritters are known around the Middle East, Turkey, Greece and other countries, as a tasty street food. Every country has its own version, but aside from Egypt, where the dish is made with Fava beans, all others use chickpeas as the base for the dish.
The recipe here is influenced by the Israeli version, which was introduced by Yemenite Jews. To this, other flavors were added with time, such as the spicy Moroccan Harissa (red hot peppers paste) and other seasonings.
The fried balls are usually served in Pita bread, with fresh or cooked salads, pickles, and Tahini sauce on top, which makes them a perfect quick lunch.
They can also be served on top of a fresh salad, or, as shown here, as a light snack, served with lemony Tahini dipping sauce.
In any way you choose to serve them, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the crispy…

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