Bruschetta and Balsamic Baked Tilapia

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Realistic Cooking Ideas

Summer is a great time of year to start reducing calories and those heavy comfort meals that get us through a cold, harsh winter. This is one of my favorite recipes for baked Tilapia as it includes healthy ingredients and is just delicious! The ingredients are approximate and lean heavily on a lot of fresh chopped vine-ripe tomatoes per serving. Hopefully you will have a few tomatoes and basil out of your garden for this dish. Plus it is quick to put together and does not take long to bake in the oven. One serving option is to leave the fish in its baking dish.

Bruchetta Balsamic Topped Baked Tilapia Fish out of oven

For this dish I serve Basmati Vegetable Rice with Raw Pumpkin Seeds. The rice takes about an hour to make and warms over nicely. It is a healthy way to enjoy a side dish with this lean dinner.


The cooking time will depend upon if…

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