Herb Goat Chops with Mint Yogurt Sauce

Save save save… #YUMM!

Goan Recipes

Goat meat is my newest favorite red meat as it is much leaner than Beef. I really enjoyed my doubled cooked ribs and I hope you do too 🙂 . I must warn you that if you follow culinary cooking instructions like Food Network Chopped, then I fail 😉 .

goat-meat-recipe-mint-grilled-chops-ribs-lamb-chopsAs you know Indian cooking does not have rare or medium-rare in the meat cooking vocabulary. We cook our meats so much that having any meat bacteria is almost a 0% possibility. All meats in India are chewy. My mama’s reasoning…. the animals were made to work first before they were killed (Sorry my dear vegetarian and vegan friends. Not so nice conversation ). So there you go, I love chewy dry meats 🙂 .

 goat-meat-recipe-mint-grilled-curry-indianYou can use this marinade for any meats, paneer and firm tofu. To make a nice roast or for grilling. My choice…

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