Dogs and Moving


Well about mine anyway…
as distressing as moving is for me, it was nothing compared to the confusion and insecurity my dog endured.  Lucy, my little Lucy; she’s had to move before but each time…she loses more of her “territory” ..her own space, due to changes she doesn’t even know are coming;  like sharing a home with another dog?! She’s so sweet, she rolls with a lot. Hey, when you have been the little sister and sometimes “living” toy for a 4 year old (like getting pushed around in a Fisher Price school bus, that you’re squeezed into & other imaginary circumstances aka cages/boxes….) you learn to roll with it. But she is getting older. And every lady needs SOME space.
We’ll work it out.
In the meantime…she’s going to wonder what is going on this time.
She is pretty easy going, thank God. And Lhasa’s don’t shed, yay! Nor dig, etc..
I will make sure to immediately have as many favorite things and familiar things (bedding, her doll, etc..), which should make it go pretty smooth. A new (& better!) yard to explore, no more “crazy” (some “other’s” pets and Eeeeeckkk! colonies of ferals!) and a much more calm atmosphere.
Here we go….


She’ll have her favorite dolly (her gingerbread doll)…thats already wrapped & ready to go. Contrary to appearances,  she’s not running away from home. She just doesn’t have a backpack.




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