Potato and Acorn Squash No Knead Bread

Oh my! YUMM!
Check it out! & all the way to the compound butter!!!



Serving suggestion: toast the bread slices and serve with blue cheese and sage spread, and sliced apples.
For the spread, mix very soft butter with good quality blue cheese, season with salt, pepper and chopped sage.



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Potato and Acorn Squash No Knead Bread Ronit Penso

This wonderful, aromatic and tasty bread started with a failure.
My original idea was to roast some potatoes for gnocchi, and serve them with brown butter and sage sauce. As I also bought a nice acorn squash, I decided to roast it with the potatoes.
Once this was done, I thought the gnocchi would benefit from the taste of the roasted acorn squash as well. So, I peeled and grated it, mixed it with the grated potatoes and started to work on the gnocchi dough.
However, very soon I’ve realized that even after adding 2 cups of flour, the mixture was still not holding at all, as the acorn squash was apparently too moist even after roasting.
As I prefer to use as little flour in the gnocchi as possible, so that they will not get too heavy (hence roasting the potatoes rather than cooking them), I’ve decided the gnocchi…

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