the maximum minimum

Its no secret…I Love heavenly good linen ♡

AND how I love WHITE! 💝

When I bring my clean bedding in off the clothesline and make my bed….it’s so SO fresh…scent and feel; like lying on a cloud. I immediately remember me and my “sister-by-choice” Lynnette twirling in my pool (in Tucson the first day home from my first brain surgery); when we were singing “I’m in heaven…” ♫ ♪  ☮




the paris apartment


good morning darling friends! i hope your morning is already off to a beautiful, brand new start. it’s pretty quiet around here. the day is still full of potential and nothing has turned it into a good or bad day yet.


just like the water can be so different, tranquil or violent, maybe it’s our own energy that makes a good or bad day. i’m going to try to harness and direct mine today. yesterday i was kind of clumsy, today i’m determined to be more mindful.


i’ve been feeling the need to hit the reset button and i thought it would be a good idea to start fresh this week with a post about the simplicity of white.


it’s official, my building’s been sold so i’m out at the end of august. i’ve been working pretty hard to scale down and just can’t believe how much stuff one person…

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