Capsali Salad

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An Evolving Life

Back in May we made a quick weekend trip to the Greek island of Kythera for the offical re-opening of the island’s archaeological museum. It had been shut for some years due to earthquake damage. The enforced closure turned into an opportunity to completely revamp the place, turning the two room building into a spectacular showpeice of modern museum display. It is well worth visiting if you happen to find yourself on the island. Oh, yes, the island is also a definite on the ‘to see’ list, complete with scores of Byzantine churches, Venetian fortresses, lovely seculuded beaches and great places to eat.

The main town is called Hora (which simply means “town”). On the hilltop is a large Venetian fortezza looking South towards the stepping-stone island of Antikythera and from there to the West coast of Crete. Below, seen from the fortezza is the harbour of Capsali (or sometimes…

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