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Don’t allow the negative things in your life to discount the positive ones. Don’t let a bad day or month or year make you feel like you have a bad life. Instead of focusing on everything that’s going wrong, start holding onto all of the things that are going right. You may be struggling, but […]

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My daughter is the only one who’ll get this animation.  It’s a “had to be there” thing. And she was there! When I headed out my sliding glass patio door so hard that it broke my nose. I was focused on a hummingbird and evidently thought the door was open. It went in slow motion AFTER the face smash.  Well…it felt like slow motion. I can garuantee it slowed me down. Although things like accidents happen in split seconds, it isn’t in the mind of the recipient.  I remember thinking, before moving…before opening my eyes…”okay…be prepared because I don’t know when I open my eyes..which side of the door I’ll be on”. Then I slowly opened my eyes, realizing I did not go through the glass, I did move in slow motion as I turned my head to look back at my daughter, who was sitting on the sofa. Her facial expression/mouth wide open was frozen like for a second like my face just was on the glass. We looked at each other like that…until she then said “what the hell?!”. Now to my credit please know this was just 6 months before a lemon…grapefruit sized brain tumor was dicovered in the front of my brain, leaning to a hard left..#judgement. 

Things like that and my husband of almost 30 years dying of cancer really puts things in life into perspective.  Really….it’s all small stuff. 

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