Chicken Dinner with Collards

I made 2 different flavored marinated chicken breasts. 1 a garlic with red peppers, the other Korean flavors. We liked both. My granddaughter liked the Korean best. 

We (my daughter & son team) made a big pot of collards and baked potato wedges to go with chicken. We didn’t have ham hocks but we always have bacon, so we made them with that (1/4 lb but more bacon can’t hurt!), onions (1/2), garlic (4 cloves), chicken broth, seasoning, s&p, crushed red pepper (Peperoncino) & a sprinkle of brown sugar. 

They were DELICIOUS! 

The potatoes I just cut into wedges,  tossed with evoo, s&p, spread out on sheet pan & they took same amount of time as chicken. About 30 minutes, depending on size, @ 425.

THAT was a “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner”!

EVOO,  garlic, diced peppers, S & P

Soy sauce, evoo, brown sugar & garlic (options,- chili paste/red pepper flakes, finely diced onions or scallions, sesame seeds).










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