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Collard Greens With Ham Bone

Smoked Ham 😆

I know…it’s a huge bone, with a lot of meat on it, BUT…as soon as it loosens up I’m breaking it in half and making bean soup tomorrow 😀 ♡

Beans are soaking.

Pretty much follow previous recipe at link, but with a ham bone, later removing bone and putting ham cut from bone back into pot of greens…or “mess of greens”. I also punched up the flavor with a spoon of Better than Bouillon; a spoon of the chicken base and a spoon of the roasted garlic base. That with a little of Tony Chachere’s seasoning and a splash of apple cider vinegar…gave it great FLAVOR! This was some GOOD stuff! By the way, you can “still” (always) use bacon fat in this ham version also 😉

After monthly “girls day” at Gilbert Farmer’s Market

& Mimi’s Café

– with produce from Steadfast Farm

Yes, I should do a separate post just for the market.

photo from Carib Food Network
I’ll redo my own when I have some leftovers. I don’t have the lighting, food photographer or camera. I DO HOWEVER…have the FOOD ♡

It’s tricky with a dish like greens, one of those dishes, like refried beans, to make them look as good as they taste in a photo 😁😅😂😨🌱🍃🐷🐖

That bean soup! 😆