A Darn Good Burger!

#Burgers turned out AWESOME!
#cheeseburgers; Swiss, American or Cheddar ♡ mine? Cheddar w/#sweetbabyraysbbqsauce
In 85% lean ground beef, I used a little #leaandperrinsworcestershiresauce S&P, #smokysteakburger #grillmates #seasoning AND an envelope of #liptononionsoupmix that I put in a strainer over bowl to get the powder/not the dried onions; it worked.. really tasty‼ Along w/#caramelizedonions‼ and Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce. Yumm 🥰🍔🧀 on toasted #artisanbuns

Loosely made into patties. Hot cast iron skillet, 3 minutes per side. Bamm. On good buns that I quickly & easily toasted under broiler.

Yeah, I’m always flippin’ everything 😄

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