Pork Chops Over Scalloped Potatoes

Pork Chop Memory, Come Thru! 😱

Pork Chops over Scalloped Potatoes or Smothered Pork Chops over potatoes ?

I’m racking my brain trying to remember everything I used & time, etc., for this pork chops over scalloped potatoes. THAT’S what i get for not putting it down immediately! Oiy! 😲😬🤯 …it’s important, everybody loved it! 🤔

I’ll return to fix this with details later.

Seasoned with salt, pepper, drizzle of liquid smoke, onion powder, a bold & savory seasoning (spicy) I have, rubbed it into chops, and seared pork chops in hot cast iron skillet that had 2 TBS oil.. Set aside.

I made my own cream of mushroom and roasted garlic soup, using same skillet (with chops set aside)…starting with sauteing mushrooms in couple TBS oil & TBS butter, added roasted garlic, made a roux…adding flour on mushrooms & stirring until flour taste cooks out, added milk & cream to desired consistency (can’t remember if I used any broth to thin it out. I don’t think so), about … um 4 cups total of sauce/gravy (well, I did end up using 7 potatoes & 6 chops this time 🤭. Salt, pepper, Better than Bouillon roasted garlic base, a little Better than Bouillon beef base, Goya Pork seasoning, Worcestershire sauce… I’m thinking! I’m thinking! 🤭

Sliced potatoes (5 – 7, depending on size) thin on mandoline, layered that & a little onion in buttered casserole dish. Then poured gravy or sauce over potatoes, reserving enough to spoon some on top of chops. Laid chops on top of potatoes, then spooned sauce down center of chops. I’m sure I didn’t need added fat, but I did dot top with bits of butter 😉

Time & temperature ⁉️🤔 at least 30 minutes because I remember thinking “dang, it’s taking these potatoes a while. Next time I’ll parboil them.” And I was hoping the extra time didn’t make chops tough. No…it didn’t! They were tender, more than ever. Must be the sauce.

That was crazy…in 104°⁉️ still tastes great.

I also made➡️ Collard greens ⬅️

I don’t know what’s up with lighting & phone cam. Still haven’t got new phone down. 😜

The next day we had leftover collards, so I made spicy (EASY) pan fried chicken and corn on the cob. Was so good.

Chicken Adobo – bobby flay

Granddaughter still has her plastic divided plates, that works.


    • My son’s too, and now his daughter. Pretty sloppy post but I was trying to remember bc I’m making it again tonight. 😀😄🤣

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