Mango Chilli Chicken


Easy weeknight dinner again 😁

I used a mango chilli sauce that I bought at middle eastern market near me, Baiz Market
Marinated chicken breasts in it over night. Put in 425° oven for 22 minutes, or until internal temperature reached 165°. I confess: I took it out at 160° and turned broiler on for couple minutes on highest rack just to add more color.
Served with a fresh mixed green salad with cucumbers and radishes; let family pick their favorite dressing 😁 my way would have been to serve sliced chicken on top of salad, allowing that delicious mango chilli sauce run into salad! But picky eaters. I just might do my way anyway next time! 🤫🤭 for real.

Provided extra mango chilli sauce for option to add more when serving.

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