~Complicated details. And enough for a book. Everyone has a story.

~The following sums up mine in a very basic but #TRUE way …


Faith Of A Hummingbird

There once was this hummingbird,who when to his nest did fly, found there was nothing left of it, and angerly asked the question; why, God? He ranted and raved; he fussed and cussed, and was in such a titter, that he lost his cool, and his will to live, and died broken hearted and bitter! On the other hand, his neighbor choose a different path, for after grieving for a very short while, he decided that rather than be”down-N-out”, he’d choose instead to smile!!! He flew over many-a-ocean, and endured many troublesome storms, and instead of “giving up”, and “throwing in the towel”, he decided to “just keep on keeping on”!!! At last he landed on a beautiful island, and before him there stood this lovely tree. He flew right down, and in thanksgiving said, “thank you God for having guided me…To a beautiful island that I’d never have known; to a tree so dense and safe”, then lo-N-behold, a “field full of flowers” appeared,before his unbelieving face!!! He hovered from one, than another,their glorious nectar he did taste,and when looking up to the heaven’s in thanksgiving, there was this “inner peace” written all over his face.Then through a cluster of trees he witnessed, and heard this melodious sound, and in their midst he saw birds, much like himself, who once lost, had now been found. They welcomed him to join them, as reverently they spread their little wings in prayer, for their fearful journey had now ended; thanks to God’s guidance and care. We could all learn a valuable lesson from our little feathered friend, by making ourselves “keep on keeping on”,even though we “slip-N-fall”,”time-N-time” again. For no matter how hard the journey, God will, forever, be by our side, and the reason for this is very simple:for it’s all because “we tried”!!! It’s so easy to “give up”, and so hard not to “just give in”, but each of us could conquer the world, should we have the “faith” of our little feathered friend!!!

~Agatha Weeks
~Copyright © 2003


it’s not the best photo, but this moment was unexpected and rare. I feel lucky to have had any device… to capture something that to me, is so magical, precious and dear ♥







And my feeling of “whatever”


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