Oatmeal Date Bars


While growing up these Date Bars were a regular part of my mother’s baking. How I treasured these squares. Oatmeal crispy mixture with puréed dates in between. One way or another over the years I fail to remember them, recalling them merely when I saw a recipe. Oh how delicious for “Breakfast Lunch Tea”. I instantly got down to finding a good recipe, with the taste and consistency I remember; sweet though in some way earthy tasting. These are magnificent with a cup of tea or for dessert.
The chief element of these squares is the dates. Dates are the fruit of the palm tree that grow here in Arizona. They are sweet and are also an excellent source of protein, Vitamins A & B. Used for this recipe is dried pitted dates. You can generally find them in the produce section of your grocery store. Before starting the date filling, you have to soften the dates in water, and then puree them in the food-mixer until nice and smooth. Then just make the oatmeal crust which, once more, is easily done in the food-mixer. Then layer the ingredients. First, 2/3 of the oatmeal mixture is pressed on the bottom of pan. Then the date puree is spread over the crust. Last, the rest of the oatmeal mixture is crumbled over the dates. Bake until golden brown.


1 1/2 c. oatmeal
1 c. brown sugar
1 1/2 c. all-purpose flour
1/2 tsp. baking soda
1 c. butter, melted

Mix and spread 2/3 of mixture in a 9×13 inch pan. Pat down.

1/2 c. sugar
1 c. water
1 c. dates

Spread over oatmeal mixture. Spread remaining oatmeal mixture over dates. Bake in moderate oven (350 degrees) for 45 minutes. Cut while warm.


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