Coffee Cabana

YAY! I heard back from a friend, John in earlier post. Friends are so worth taking that step to stay in touch.

We had our group of friends that met & hung out at a coffee shop, the Coffee Cabana. It is so strange how things work out in life, timing. Obviously it is meant to be.  This group of people would have made a TV show more like “Seinfeld” then” Friends”.  What a mixed bag! All very interesting yet so diverse. Everyone there had exceedingly interesting backgrounds and came from various places. We had our Texan, love her and she’s very smart, independent, pretty, owns her own successful business in Scottsdale, AZ. Then there was Nikki, cute, full of useless information (and I mean FULL, like a set of Britannica’s!), very sweet, from Dublin. Nikki is a good artist in the field of photography. And John, whom you can read more about in my preceding post about him. That’s just three! We had our Jewish friend, our therapist and a few others, all just as remarkable. We had the most fascinating conversations, deep philosophical, trivial, comedy, tears and a lot of religions, even Bible study…lead by John.  And MUSIC! What a blessing!

I’m so grateful for all of the above for enriching my life. But like everything in life, it came to its end, changed, and evolved. We moved on, the coffee shop closed. I have since met up with one or another at other coffee shops but it was never the same. The friends are the same though, that’s the best part.

Love and as John always ends conversation, PEACE