My Grandson, Yesaan


First I must say it again, I am so grateful for being blessed with an awesome family & friends.

Me, Grandma, look at how they absorb, staring at my face.

{pics~ 8 wks to 8 years}

This time I am expressing my love, pride & joy over my grandson, Yesaan Arturo Rodriguez. He is the very first grand baby on both sides so I don’t have to go into how ridiculous we all were over him. What a perfect beautiful baby! Well, that baby is now 8 years old. He gets perfect grades & character reports/awards at school. He is also doing very good in football…he loves it! There is no way I can post all the amazing things that come out of that boys mouth! I wont even try, I’d have to jot them down daily! He IS special. I was taking care of him since he was born (live-in nanny haha AND GLADLY!) so of course, as with Lily, I had him talking, walking & more at a very young age…walking at 8 months old. He was golfing at 15 months old. I have pics & videos I will post some day, of all of this. Mostly of him because for 3 years he was our only one. I took pics & videos of him every day! We just have to transfer them on disc.

For now, I will just post his most recent photos. Today is picture day at his school so that one wont be here. His latest are his football photos.



His mother (my daughter Chrissy) is sitting in background…in red T-shirt ♥



His number on his team(Gilbert Dawgs, is 37; His number for practice is 20)



3821471944_77687d72f9 and thats his Dad (my son-in-law) coach assistant & my grandson on right ♥

Love…is the answer. THAT he’s had from day one & always will. Lots of love.

Update: 2018, no more football. Offered multiple scholarships. Advanced classes all the way. Blessed.