EASY Potato and Onion Soup


Emphasis on #easy 😀
I love it, but then I use more onion than potatoes.  ♥

Need- potatoes, onions,  evaporated milk, butter, salt & pepper.

It’s my dad’s recipe. I grew up eating this.  However….my dad would put so much black pepper in it that we would be sniffing our noses & trying to breathe while we ate it….to find a pile of pepper in bottom of bowl. My mother would bi…. uh….. “nag” all through dinner about how he put too much pepper in it. At same time…me & my grandmother would defend it but look at each other laughing & sniffling. So although I don’t measure & it is good with a LOT of pepper, I know I go lighter than he did. #smh
So easy…just try it. There’s not much to lose. Most pricey would be the stick of butter, lol.




This was for 3-4 people who like it

5 or 6 potatoes if not real big potatoes and LARGE or couple small onions.
Chop into cubes. Put in sauce pan & just cover with water. Big pinch of salt…or 2. 😀
Bring to boil & cook at slow boil till potatoes are done. Doesnt take long! 15 or 20 minutes?
Do not drain water. Add a can of evaporated milk to pan & a stick of REAL butter. Then salt & freshly ground black PEPPER to taste &
taste again.
Let simmer a bit to allow butter to melt and flavors to marry.


Can garnish with parsley or chopped green onions 😀

Warning:stays HOT long.
Pour yourself a bowl & go find something to do. Come back and it MIGHT be cool enough to eat.


I always go back & add more pepper…


I also always end up going back for more…just another mug 😀


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