We Use to have NEWS


While headlines like this in many cities daily…our media is obsessed with a non-case case.
(Notice announcement for FREE TRIP PRIZE next to it.)

About mainstream media and pop culture madness…brought to us by #CNN & #HLN, to name a couple.When I was finally 4real “done” with #CNN & #HLN, it had nothing to do with politics; sincerely. It was a mainstream media cancer. I didn’t see the big #truth of biased mainstream news and pop culture, where news directors (for one) are only focused on profitability & sensationalism, for longer than I want to admit.It rapidly grew & grew into what looked to me like a circus and CNN was just one of the acts under the BIG tent (gov). MONEY (their job) at stake, obviously bcuz a lot of their “artists” are actually nice people …among some real clowns. I think we all know that circuses hide a nasty underbelly.As it spread thru my conscious. ..it kept being more evident. Until, with the #JodiArias trial…where they really rode the bicycle over the crazy. Where we were inundated ad nauseam! 24/7 jodi arias, analysts, “experts”, legal & mental health. Repeating and repeating, rising to arguing,  obsession and then….spin offs so that numb & manipulated could get their fill of all that… long “After Dark”. THERE! THAT was the final nail for me. The re-enactments? The “pretend” trial? For those being fed the adrenalin injections of emotionally charged and intense high wire act.Yup…that did it for me. I really like some of the players (Dr Drew, Joey Jackson, Don Lemon & Anderson Cooper to name a few) but (smh) when I saw (at the same time as the “spectacular never before seen”  AFTER DARK freak show) these “professionals” in suits, heels & the rest of their costumes…playing courthouse like my grandkids playing dollhouse…acting out roles & all, in true theatrical dramatic form? STOP!!!!!!So there’s when I lost respect, like when learning of the cruelty to the animals behind the tent.Now…thinking maybe a little normalcy might have creeped back in after trial was over…”what am I missing” provoked me into clicking on those channels again.ONLY TO SEE EVEN MORE OUTRAGEOUSNESS beyond words for me…The martin/zimmerman debacle?Now its no problem.  Its off.I’m not looking for ratings.I don’t even like going to the circus.#peace ♥