Salmon Patties


aka Salmon or fish cakes

Did you know?


And other Nutritional Benefits:

Bone Health. The delicate, edible bones present in traditional pack Alaska canned salmon are readily digested and rich in calcium and magnesium. Canned salmon is one of the most calcium-rich, non-dairy foods. One 3.5 oz. serving with the bones contains two thirds as much calcium as a cup of milk. For women and children especially, consuming plenty of calcium is important for building and maintaining strong bones and reducing the risk of bone fracture later in life. Quality Protein. Alaska canned salmon provides high quality protein that is easy and safe to digest by people of all ages. Vitamins. Alaska canned salmon is a good source of vitamin B12 and contains modest amounts of several other vitamins and minerals Safety. All species of canned wild Alaska salmon – sockeye (red), pink, and chum – are very low in environmental contaminants, heavy metals such as mercury, and pesticide residues. In addition, the canning process ensures that canned salmon is free of potentially harmful microorganisms.

(btw, I don’t ALWAYS buy the cheapest cans, lol) wpid-BSuuJ1ICUAAeunW.jpeg