Sweet and Sour Sauce

Oh this is a “must share”!
I think we all need this one in our back pocket!


The French may not consider it to include to be one of the Mother Sauces, but it is undeniably one of the best sauce ever invented. I been serving Sweet and Sour Sauce as a dipping for Pork Spring Rolls, Seafood or Vegetable Tempura. And the best use of it is to add some vegetable and tidbits of pineapple to make Sweet and Sour Maya-maya, Sweet and Sour Salmon Steak, Sweet and Sour Meatballs or Sweet and Sour Chicken Breast. 

The list of things you can do to Sweet and Sour Sauce is almost endless…

I know alot of you get intimidated in preparing Sweet and Sour Sauce, I’m one of you for quite a long time. And I wish you also dive into cooking your own Sweet and Sour Sauce after you see how easy I’ve done it.

Now on with the cooking…

Sweet and Sour Sauce


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