So Fresh Guacamole

Here is a recipe for #fresh #guacamole 😀

Naturally Hispanic

One of my dreams is to have a garden where I can grow all sorts of fruits and vegetables. But because I live in a condo, for now I stick to buying my fruits and vegetables at my local farmers’ market. Last week I picked up some beautiful, fresh avocados and I felt the urge to make some guacamole with them. If you want to make a really yummy guacamole, follow this super simple recipe that will not only make for a nutritious snack but also makes for a great appetizer paired with some blue tortilla chips. To start, mash your avocado and set it aside, make sure to use plastic utensils to avoid darkening. In a food processor chop one tomato, half of an onion and a handful of celery. Mix the tomato, onion and celery in with the avocado, add 2-3 tablespoons of lime juice and salt to…

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