Delicious Forms of Honey


Comb honey is honey in its original form; that is, honey inside of the honeycomb.  The beeswax comb is edible!


Cut comb honey is liquid honey that has added chunks of the honey comb in the jar. This is also known as a liquid-cut comb combination.


Free of visible crystals, liquid honey is extracted from the honey comb by centrifugal force, gravity or straining. Because liquid honey mixes easily into a variety of foods, it’s especially convenient for cooking and baking. Most of the honey produced in the United States is sold in the liquid form.


Naturally crystallized honey is honey in which part of the glucose content has spontaneously crystallized.  It is safe to eat.


While all honey will crystallize in time, whipped honey (also known as cremed honey) is brought to market in a crystallized state. The crystallization is controlled so that, at room temperature, the honey can be spread like butter or jelly. In many countries around the world, whipped honey is preferred to the liquid form especially at breakfast time.


Valley Honey Company

Awe but…they’re temporarily gone. They take their bees to Cali, to pollinate for almonds.
“Quality is our #1 Priority
Our bee’s are fed and treated only with all natural essential oils and products. We do not heat, filter, or blend our honey to keep it in its raw state. This allows the natural enzymes and pollen particles to remain in the honey. As a result it is not uncommon to occasionally find a spec of wax or pollen in the honey.”



~And the BEES ‘
“Our bee’s are western honey bee’s derived from european queens. They are healthy bee’s which are constantly growing at a consistent rate. Depending on weather conditions and seasonal operations, the bee’s are being moved to different locations to keep them healthy and grow to their full operating potential for success. We transport them to states such as California, here locally in Arizona, and Colorado.”


“Our local honey is found in these retail stores –
Superstition Ranch Market 7 N. 114th st.
Apache Junction, Az 85220

 Superstition Ranch Market 
4755 E. Main st.
Mesa, Az 85205

 Queen Creek Olive Mill 
25062 S. Meridian Rd.
Queen Creek, Az 85142

Oils and Olives by Queen Creek Olive Mill 
7122 E. Greenway Parkway #120
Scottsdale, Az 85254





The National Honey Board
To Learn about Honey:


Other Great Local Honey-

Crockett Honey Co. was founded in 1945 and has been servicing the Southwest with high quality honey and service ever since. Crockett Honey Co. now operates 6500 beehives along the Colorado River in Parker, AZ. Our bottling facility is located in Tempe, Arizona. Crockett Honey Co. is family owned and operated. Our promise is to provide our customers with a high quality and safe product. We at CROCKETT HONEY CO., produce and package the finest honeys of the Southwest. The Sonoran Deserts produce a mild delicate flavored honey from many desert floral sources. These sources include Cactus, Mesquite, Catclaw, Palo Verde, as well as many other flowering plants. These honeys are unique in that they are only produced in the Sonoran Desert regions. Our desert honey is 100% pure and natural. Honey is Nature’s Natural Sweetener and is proven to be more easily digestible than refined sugars. We do nothing to the honey except carefully package it in a manner that will not alter its natural quality or change its delicate and mild flavor.

Honey Varietals Available –

-Clover, Sweet (South Dakota)
-Mesquite (Arizona)
-Orange Blossom (California)
-Wildflower (Arizona)

Forms of Honey Available

Liquid Honey
Comb Honey
Additional Products Offered

Beekeeping Supplies
Royal Jelly

(although, here→ watch where it’s from)


Honey is honey, it’s just that simple.  A bottle of pure honey contains the natural sweet substance produced by honey bees from the nectar of plants or secretions of living parts of plants.  Nothing else.

The color and flavor of honey differ depending on the bees’ nectar source (the blossoms).  In fact, there are more than 300 unique kinds of honey in the United States, originating from such diverse floral sources as Clover, Eucalyptus and Orange Blossoms.  In general, lighter colored honeys are mild in flavor, while darker honeys are usually more robust in flavor.

They do not taste like their source.


It can turn ordinary into extraordinary….
Like a slice of toast. Whip some mascarpone with a little honey & slice a little fruit…walla ♥








Honey Storage

Store honey at room temperature – your kitchen counter or pantry shelf is ideal. Storing honey in the refrigerator accelerates the honey’s crystallization. Crystallization is the natural process of glucose sugar molecules aligning into orderly arrangements known as crystals. It is not an indicator of spoilage, impurity, age or quality.
If your honey crystallizes, simply place the honey jar in warm water and stir until the crystals dissolve, or place the honey container into near boiling water that has been removed from the heat:
1. Bring a pan of water to a boil
2. Turn off the heat
3. Place the honey container in the water with cap open
4. Leave until both have cooled
5. Repeat as needed

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