e-cigs AKA Electronic Cigarettes

e-cigs AKA Electronic Cigarettes.

I will keep REPOSTING this; because I know for a fact that there is already plans & even a little action; a war if you will…on the distributors of ecigs for putting a huge & still growing dent in the tobacco/USA cartel. OOOPS…I mean government.  A president thats already proven to be a liar. AND about our health! It’s not ironic. I am #HOPING people do not drink this latest  batch of koolaid.

You know how much money is wrapped up in #pharmaceutical companies ? ‪ #‎MONEY‬ wrapped up in #government, especially connected to pharmaceuticals,‪ #‎tobacco‬ ?! More than we could wrap our heads around. SO… ‪#‎markmywords‬ – you will undoubtedly see a GREAT push & lies,etc., AGAINST ‪#‎eCigarettes‬ !!! It has & continues to put a major dent in the tobacco industry & drugs used for quitting. Don’t believe the BS…First of all, they come in ZERO nicotine. Secondly, no matter what  ‪#‎koolaid ‬they TRY to push onto “the people”, NOTHING is as bad as the drugs THEY are selling!  “cigarettes, tobacco , alcohol & prescription”.
Cigarettes/tobacco have over 4000 added chemicals, at least 37 of which are proven to cause #cancer. Add to that the smoke, on smoker & second hand, walls.. EVERYTHING, burns, fires & higher & higher ‪#‎TAXES

‬Its not hard to figure it out.The electronic cigarettes/  ‪#‎VAPOR‬ makers/distributors moved in on the biggest  ‪#‎cartel‬ in the world.. the ‪#‎UnitedStatesofAmerica
‬And don’t forget, that entity & especially it’s leader has been proven as a liar. A very serious  ‪#‎LIAR‬... on the very subject of our, “the people’s”‪ #‎HEALTH

Repeat- mark my words , they will set out on a mission against this money interference!

What is ironic, or at least an ibteresting dilemma for gov…is that vapor is gping to cut healthcare costs vbig time over smoking health problems dropping. Yet…the gov must have a team working on which pays out for them the best. Let’s just hope it’s not the same team working on that #healthcare website!

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