Cook The Book: The Homesick Texan’s Jalapeño Mustard Roast Chicken


Another good change-up on chicken for dinner….again 😀
And with it being flavor, easy & a good pantry items recipe….THAT is how I like to roll!
(And Lily likes it!!)

sweet potato and bacon

[Image: Tiffany Ong]

Roasted chicken is wonderfully economical. Done right, you can get several different meals out of one bird. When I roast a chicken, we’ll eat the legs and wings first, while the skin is still crispy and the dark meat is juicy. Then, I’ll cut the breast meat from the carcass and use it in soups or salads. Finally, I’ll freeze the remainder of the carcass and, when I’ve collected enough chicken carcasses, I make homemade chicken stock which I can freeze in quart containers for future use.

Although I feel clever when I am thrifty, I feel much more clever when I discover a delicious variation on the roasted chicken e.g. Lisa Fain’s Jalapeño Mustard Roast Chicken. Recipes, like this one, help me keep roasted chicken interesting. Tangy yellow mustard flecked with green cilantro, brightens the flavor and appearance of the chicken. A jalapeño or two and a little honey…

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