I’d like to comment but couldn’t.

And I don’t care what our government says, even after they go on attack, and they certainly will due to dent in sick amount of money made off tobacco & pharmaceuticals!

MUCH MORE IMPORTANT then smell or “stigma” is that e-cigs do not have the over 4000 added chemicals, to which at least 37 are carcinogens. Nor the second-hand smoke, fire dangers & filth (turning everything & anything in vicinity brown…walls, curtains, etc)…
…….to be continued. LOL

Check out my post on the #ecig

#electroniccigarettes #vapor #nicotine (or NOT!) No #smoke no 4000 added #chemicals nor over 37 #carcinogens added. Yup, the #government, #tobacco industry & #pharmaceutical industry will be (I’m sure already are) on attack, from passive aggressive to changing laws & regulations to a lot of other tactics. Remember, special interest groups pad pockets $$$$, along with govs enormous amount of tax $$$$. It’ll be a covert & surreptitious war. You might think I’m exaggerating and/or going so overboard, BUT we’re talking about a hell of a lot of money! And that “hellofalot of #money” is with the #GREEDY
; the groups who are among the most covetousness in the world (probably only exceeded by oil?).
Indeed, that is the big 3 →
Pharmaceutical industry
Tobacco industry