Just a reminder….
I can’t change or control the government or people who still don’t get it (nor want to), but I can take that care with myself and my loved ones. #hopeandchange ?®  


and I’m not even touching the subject of pharmaceutical industry!
……yet 😀

okay…just one. Does any1 notice the irony???

The following information and facts regarding our government being the biggest drug dealers, contains only part of what races thru my mind when I speak out or post about electronic cigarettes.
LISTEN….I watched 2 “experts” on Fox News subtly putting them down. Saying reasons mainly bcuz they’re not “regulated” by gov. so we don’t know safety and that they still contain nicotine. PLEASE! The popularity of these are growing fast, making very large tobacco industry very unhappy. And an even larger drug dealing industry…our government, more unhappy.
They were WRONG with their information on e-cigs. They DO INDEED offer options in strength/milligrams of nicotine, INCLUDING ZERO.
And it certainly does NOT take an expert to know that a VAPOR containing nicotine is ABSOLUTELY SAFER THAN SMOKING TOBACCO PRODUCTS.

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