Books for Cooks: The Flavor Bible

The Flavor Bible!

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The Flavor Bible ~

This book is a never ending source of inspiration for me.  Inside you will find steps in learning how to recognize the different textures, flavours and aromas of food, understanding the elements of what makes food great and of course highly detailed charts for a plethora of foods and what other flavours complement them.  In moments when I need something creative to pair with a specific ingredient I am always sure to find it.  But for me what is even BETTER is that it initiates even more new ideas and flavour combinations and results in a string of interesting recipes in addition to the one I was currently working on.Another aspect that I love about it is in reading the first two chapters it immediately transports you into a different mind set about food.  It takes you on a food journey, and you create a new and more intimate relationship with it. I highly recommend this book for anyone, no matter what your level of food expertise is, as a reference and guide in creating spectacular food. 

   I have now had this book in my possession for about a year and a half, and I have to say it has been indispensable when coming up with new flavour creations in the kitchen. 





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Every cook has certain beloved kitchen tools that they reach for time after time – the wooden spoon that has stirred everything from a rich and chunky bolognese to creamy bechamelle sauce. Or the perfectly seasoned cast iron skillet that fried eggs slip right out of. For me its a sharp paring knife and a book. Let me introduce you to The Flavor Bible: The Essentials Guide to Culinary Creativity, Based on the Wisdom of America’s Most Imaginative Chefs ($24 at It’s a book Ruth and I both frequently turn to for tips and advice in the kitchen. It has even made a guest appearance in a number of our blog posts, including as our number 1 cooking resource in our special 100th post.

Flavor bible 1

The Flavor Bible is not a cook book, but a beautifully organized and well curated reference book that allows any home cook to…

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