Brightly Colored Things: Quick Pickled Beans, Carrots and Cabbage

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Mama Tonic

pickled_cabbageThis recipe for quick pickled veggies finally quieted the urge I’ve had to pickle. I knew I was never going to really pickle, at least not at this point in my life, when the idea of spending a long Sunday afternoon putting up jars of canned produce is laughable. Let’s be clear: I love cooking and being in my kitchen, but if I were to have a long, child free Sunday afternoon presented to me I would not spend it in my kitchen sweating over canning jars.

I would go to a matinee and see Blue Jasmine. Or hop a morning flight up to Seattle and meet friends for a meal here,  a restaurant with reviews that pain me to read because I feel so very far away from Seattle and restaurants like Bar Sajor.

Still,  the desire to open my pantry (or in this case, refrigerator) and see jars…

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