tip: building your very own spice rack

Nice! Thanks….you inspired me!
I just put products for this in my Amazon cart!




I’m excited to start!

the renegade cook

I’m always get compliments on my spice rack, usually followed by another comment about how they must be in the home of a chef. Sure, it looks nice, but there’s much more to it than that. This spice rack makes me a more efficient cook, and shaves minutes off my prep time! Want some tips to build one of your own? Read on.

Wall-mount your spice rack so that it’s within reach when you’re prepping and cooking. I put mine right above my oven. If it’s stowed away in some dark old cupboard, you’re going to be less likely to use it, you’re going to decrease your counter space each time you pull out a spice you plan on using, and it’s difficult to come up with a good idea when your face is buried in the depths of a cupboard.

Customize your spice rack for you and your…

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