Riding My Scooter


→ riding at night @ bottom of post →
Okay…truth is, like all motorcycle riders. I simply love this mode of transportation;  the wind, the veiws and the costs. I spend approx $5.00 a month in gas. Granted,  I’m retired…but no matter how you look at it…the savings are astronomical!

Today, there are too many gas guzzling, air polluting cars on the road. People need to drive cars less often. Everyone should use scooters as an alternative to cars for their daily commute because scooters are safer and easier to operate, are more affordable than cars, and are better for the environment. Some benefits of choosing a scooter over a car is that the scooter is safe, easy to operate, and easy to maintain. Even though scooters may seem more dangerous, they are actually safer in some ways. They travel at lower speeds. They are also small enough to be easily maneuvered to avoid dangers in the road. Operating is almost as simple as riding a bike, but without the nuisance of having to pedal. Steering and breaking is done the same way as a bike, with handlebars. Scooters are also easy to maintain. Maintenance is rarely necessary, but like most small engines, such as the one on the scooter, any needed maintenance is usually relatively simple. Scooters are, in more ways than one, more affordable than cars. Most obvious, the price is better. A car, whether new or used, will cost thousands of dollars, but a brand new scooter…let’s just say MUCH less! The scooter also saves large quantities of money on gas. It can get from one hundred fifty to two hundred miles to the gallon. A dollars worth of gas will feed it for a week even if it’s run on errands every day. A compact car will soak up ten times more gasoline running the same errands. When storage or parking may cost money, the scooter will cost less due to its small size and ability to be chained to a bike rack rather than take up a parking space. Actually,  I don’t pay for parking;  and looking for shade…scooters, motorcycles & any kind of bikes are allowed shaded spaces right near doors. Okay, I also park on sidewalks & the like…running into no problems so far. They’re just small & don’t take up space or get in the way. I assume thats why no complaints so far; I’m talking about doing this within reason,  good judgement & common sense. 

A scooter is much better than a car when the environment is the determining factor. It’s small engine burns less fuel….
Nuff said…

I didn’t need write anything. It’s all common sense. Plus…I think simply leaving an example of riding speaks for itself 😉

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