Colorful Crab and Shrimps Cakes


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Colorful Crab and Shrimps Cakes Ronit Penso

Crab cakes have so many variations, but there is always room for one more. While I love the Maryland style crab cakes, which consist of mainly crab meat with a small amount of ingredients, sometimes I find them too bland and feel like adding other flavors to them.
Here is one of my variations, to which I’ve added scallions, celery and peppers, which add lots of color and flavor, along with seasoning such as capers and anchovies. I also added some ground shrimps, to add an additional layer of flavor and texture.

The cakes can be simply served with a lemon wedge, or on an English muffin or a bun. They also pair well with tomatoes, or an Arugula salad, with a quick dressing made of mayonnaise, chopped peppers, capers, lemon juice and lemon zest.
I hope you’ll try and enjoy this version, or use it as a base to…

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