Classic salsa Restaurant Style

Classic salsa Restaurant Style

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L I K E - I N - M E X I C O

I will always remember when the viking (my BF) asked me if I always eat with spicy salsa on the side or on top of my food… and my answer was YES and will always be YES! Obviously it all depends what kind of food I am eating but if it is Mexican, for example, I will have salsa on the side and it needs to be spicy for sure!

I don’t remember exactly when or how I started eating with spicy salsa or at least a jalapeño on the side, next to my tortilla, but note… not just because you are Mexican you eat spicy food or salsas, I know people that really don’t like spicy food at all and they are more mexicans that the cactus LOL
Like I would always say “a taco without salsa is not a good taco” because the salsa is the secret ingredient…

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