Sunday Dinner – Roast Chicken Dinner




Updating a little.. life is constant change. So somethings need to to stay the same #stability #structure #security


Okay…I know. ..I need to update the entire post and delete old ones. Not today….




Have a seat…help your self. Its Sunday Supper. Roast chicken with potatoes, carrots & onions ♥

(Can you make out it’s a whole chicken surrounded by veggies? lol. Also, I tossed a couple pats of butter to drippings/gravy. Split second decision, adds a richness & maybe stretches it out to increase amount? I don’t know if it added to volume but didn’t hurt anything. I usually make thin gravy with drippings and stock from inners, smoothing it out thru seive. BUT it’s over 100º on this day so…I couldn’t take the heat so I had to get out of the kitchen. As you can see, it doesn’t really matter. Just would look prettier 😀 Tastes great as is, so ; p )

Its really really delicious.  It looks a little messy due to combination of TOO HOT to handle, chicken falling off bone yet still juicy & my nice big ”…

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