Hot Dog…Soup? Stew? Chili?

Let’s dress this up…



I didn’t know what to title this one…that wouldn’t make most people run. I did a little research & see that it has been given some alternative names (other than the scary ‘Hot Dog Soup‘) SO…I will first post the version I grew up with. My dad, so in turn my family, called it ‘Texas Hot Dogs’. But he also made things up while trying to feed 5 kids, along with the extras that were always around.

I have added some Googled images; to both validate that it’s a real thing AND because I find what i came across amusing, ESPECIALLY the conversation thread from Reddit! I confess…I would’ve been shocked at that breakfast too. AND i would’ve put it out there also!

I use good ingredients, like the best hot dogs you can, or your favorite. I like beef hot dogs but my daughter does not. Since this is at her request, always, and granddaughter doesn’t care…I’ll use what hotdogs she gets; that predicts rather “I” eat any. We always had homemade canned tomatoes but if not crushed works. Some seasoning & tasting through out.

Ingredients –
Hot dogs
Crushed (or stewed) tomatoes
Tomato paste
Chili powder
Garlic powder
Pinch of sugar
Salt & pepper

It starts with BACON (because it makes everything better), cut in 1-2 inch pieces (& yes I use a lb) till crispy. Add chopped onions (1/2 of a large one), saute until softened, add hot dogs that have been cut in 1 – 2 inch pieces & stir…just to get a little color on hot dogs. Then add tomato sauce (crushed tomatoes). Pinch of sugar, salt, pepper, chili powder (couple tbs), garlic powder. Let simmer until flavors are cooked together well, blended good. TASTE. Serve hot with a nice crusty bread.

You really can vary how you like your sauce (tomato soup) & seasonings.

best hotdog taste test

These things go together 😀 bacon/hot dogs, onions/hot dogs….

.the Reddit one looks…well, not good…to me :-p

The more I searched the more I realized I’ll probably never know. He collected cookbooks so between all that & the giant yellow one…it’s probably a very old recipe.


And I’m trying to buy another for my twin. :-p

It’s endless so I give up.

AND, btw, my granddaughter has now added this to her favorites! Good thing I didn’t call it hot dog soup to her! “Texas Hot Dogs” carry on!