Chicken Patties

Funny…this ends up being a requested dish from my granddaughter. Try to figure out teens? No, I’ll just cook for her. How we live our life does more than words (or over thinking!).

This turned out to be a good idea with leftover chicken. I’ve never made them before & i have no clue why not. I tried them in a restaurant…way back in the 70’s but silly me…wanting to stay in my comfort zone. Well…no more. Everyone liked them & it’s easy. Of course made easier by my not following recipes. I decided after reading a few that they’re basically like crab cakes or fish cakes (salmon patties) and many different shapes. So I did the same, with same ingredients but with chopped cooked chicken.

So i chopped about 3-4 cups of cooked chicken, I used 3 different colored bell peppers diced small, diced onion, old Bay seasoning,  salt, pepper, little creole seasoning, 2 eggs & instead of breadcrumbs, I used saltines…about 1/2 cup.

At same time as fried potatoes and onions ♡

Now…to work on vegetables 😉

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